Note: All the prices are variable.


$650 plus application fee plus tax for a simple non-payment of rent case
$850 plus application fee plus tax for multiple causes case


Fill and serve notice, draft and serve legal letter (one legal letter to neigotiate, extra fee applies if exceed), fill and file application, mediation if application, attend the hearing if applicable. Fee may be reduced if the tenant moves out before attending the hearingĀ 


$250 to $400 plus tax depends on the type of the ticket

Early resolution with prosecutor (fees to be discussed if case go to trail).


Fees to be discussed.
  1. Small Claim
  2. WSIB
  3. Other Tribunal

Legal Letter

$200 per legal letter.

Draft a letter within our scope of practice.

LTB Notice Only

$50 per notice.

Fill each notice individually.

LTB Application Only

$150 per application.

Fill and file each application. Does not include the application fee.

LTB Mediation / Hearing Only

$450 plus tax.

Serve Notice

$25 plus tax.

City of Windsor, LaSalle, Tecumseh.

Serve Notice (Out of Windsor)

The price will be determined based on the location.

Notary / Commission

$50 plus tax per signature, and $10 plus tax for each extra signature

Student discount 50% off.

Hourly Rate for Consultation

$100/hr plus tax.